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Monday, November 19, 2007


Some of you may already know about Banksy, but I put this link up in case you haven't come across him. Questions: Is Banksy advancing art? How much of his work do you think is a personal statement?


  1. I think that he symbolizes a lot of his thoughts with the images he uses.
    He expresses his opinions for sure.

  2. he's awesome. i have his book of work. it's really great. i might bring it in to your class sometime.

  3. honestly i dont think i would have known it said banksy unless it had said that on the link, i definitley think its original though, nothing like ive seen before, btw thanks for the invite, glad to see this stuff :)

  4. A friend of mine is keeping me updated on Banksy through this article:
    British graffiti artist Banksy has taken a slice of London life to the Big Apple.

    The mysterious artist has attracted a huge following Stateside, with long lines of art lovers queuing up in the cold for the opening of his new exhibition in New York.

    The elusive 'guerilla artist' has never revealed his name and opts out of the usual celebrity lifestyle by refusing to pose for phtographsThe elusive 'guerilla artist' has never revealed his name and opts out of the usual celebrity lifestyle by refusing to pose for photographs.

    But the anonymous figure has become one of the most famous artists, carving out a name for himself as an anti-establishment commentator who challenges social status quo in a playful, often controversial way.

    Davide Centineo, director at the Vanina Holasek gallery, which is hosting Banksy's work explained why he appreciates the artist.

    He said: "What I love about Banksy is the kind of antiestablishment approach that he is. It's much more fresh and clean than past thinkers and movements, in a way that he incorporates institutional symbols of authority in some way and plays with it."

    New Yorker's are being treated to the rare gallery show, as Banksy usually stays true to his street artist tag, choosing to feature most of his work on walls in Bristol and the East End of London.


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  5. Banksy Update: The final bid for a Banksy mural auctioned on eBay was £208,100 (~$406,773). If the deal goes through, the new owner must pay about £5000 (~$10,000) extra for the removal and replacement of the wall.