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Sunday, January 6, 2008

Artist Statements

Lauren's post was absolutely perfect timing. Not only was the Jello article interesting in its own right, but the post offered a great example of an artist statement. In the statement, Hickok offers enlightening information that begins with the process and ends with her personal reaction to the series of works. Clicking on the above links will take you to my handout as well as some great links that explain in detail why artists do them.

I hesitated before posting this information on the site for fear that it would mix too much academics with the relaxed atmosphere of the site. However, I thought that the artist statements really can offer some relief to creating the work. They can be written in a relatively short time and can offer the viewer a lot of trials and successes that you went through this semester.

Thank you Lauren for posting that. Am I to expect you to bring in a bunch of Jello now?


  1. To quote the youth targeted division of PETA:

    "Gelatin — Rhymes with "skeleton." Coincidence? I think not. Gelatin is a protein made by boiling cows' and pigs' skin, tendons, ligaments, and bones. Jell-O? H*ll, no!"

    Although it would definitely be interesting, I think Jello would go under the 'just begging to be eaten by art 1's' category of art supplies.


  2. Sorry David, but Lauren made me replace the blog image. Courtesy Erin.