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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Cardboard Art

This is somewhat of a double-post in that I'm including information about two different artists who both deal with cardboard. Alex Uribe (click)and Chris Gilmour (click)are two different artists who both using this traditional packaging material as a medium for creating art.

Uribe's art deals more with figurative and organic shapes. The inspiration to his art seems to come from nature and the living. His female forms remind me of very traditional poses.

Gilmour's work is more contemporary and deals more with geometric shapes and popular products. In these works, he reproduces manufactured goods that appeals to the common person. One notable difference between the two artists is that Gilmour includes color, whether painted on or inherent in the recycled cardboard.

In the past, I've done lessons that ranged from creating a group of students who all did a relief of a small section of a larger image and individual projects that dealt with painting on uniquely textured cardboard. I have never had a student create a full sculpture in the round out of cardboard. Cardboard is something that I can acquire relatively easily.

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  1. wow these people are crazy good with cardboard I don't think that the stuff I am doing is anything compared to what they are but I would like to learn how to in the future