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This blog was created to allow casual conversations about the artwork that you have created and the artists who have influenced you. This will be an excellent place for you to display your art images and share your reactions. We can also share information about upcoming art events.

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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Sally Jean: Collage & Metal Queen

Sally Jean does interesting work with her collages and image transfers. Her color schemes and her compositions create a vintage nostalgic flair with a touch of sentimentality on childhood dreams and memories. The way she includes certain words with her art pieces, creates a type of image (whether the same or different from the actual picture) in our minds because words and pictures together (or apart) can awaken emotions within from our pasts or present lives. For example, a piece of art can speak to someone in a different way than the way it does to the next who sees it. That's what makes art come alive.


  1. Kätiana,
    I love it. This is why I'm a big fan of image transfers. It is incredibly versatile and lends itself to every artistic expression. Thanks.