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This blog was created to allow casual conversations about the artwork that you have created and the artists who have influenced you. This will be an excellent place for you to display your art images and share your reactions. We can also share information about upcoming art events.

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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Welcome new Art 4 Bloggers

Welcome new bloggers! This community is set up so that you can post art related information that you think every could benefit from on this very page. If you are Art 4 student, then you should see your name on the right. Clicking your name will take you to where your blog will be located. Note that your address has already been set up for you based on the www.rhhsart(firstname)(lastinitial).blogspot.com template. Your blogspot is where you will post every piece of artwork that you do in this class (and others if you wish). Your blogspot is also where your classmates will comment on your work.

Please make sure that you have accepted the e-mail invite so that you can post on this very page.

Your blogspot is actually a grouping of ELEMENTS. This page actually has one element at the top, 6 along the right side and 1 at the bottom.

Below are links to three documents that you will need to set your blog up. If you have already created your blog, use today's classtime to make sure that you are following the restrictions and guidelines that are listed on second page of the Blog rubric.doc

Blog rubric.doc


How to add your classmates blogspot.doc

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