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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Carol Farrow

After surfing around at NewYorkArtist.com, I came across an artist who I think would appeal to most of my students. Carol Farrow works in papers, clay and linen. The paper works, in particular, had elements that remind me of some of the students. The divided compositions first off remind of Hannah's work. The metallic spray look reminds me of something Will might appeal to. The fact that the artist works on made papers is indicative of something Taylor might do. These are the top three-- although I could keep going.

Are there elements in her other works that appeal to you?
The following is from her website (www.carolfarrow.net/index.htm):

"Carol Farrow's wallhanging 'paperworks' are created with hand made papers, painted and waxed. The medium creates an almost sculptural quality, tactile and textural, whilst her colour flows across the pieces, or series of pieces, sometimes intense, merging and diffusing into softer tones and hues."
Paper in its wet state can be cast or moulded to record a surface: it can be torn, cut and reassembled or embedded with other papers or objects. During its formation, it can take on any texture, thickness, shape, size, colour, porosity; it can be opaque or translucent, soft or hard, smooth or rough.
The process of working with paper can be simple or complex but the basic operation of forming paper from fibres, which as seperate elements come together into a structure, is fundamental to the artist working in this medium. The process allows for manipulation and control but also surprise at all stages. Most importantly it invites change and transformation

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