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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Painting with CARS?

Ok. Believe it or not but this guy paints with cars!
Read it and it will blow your MIND!!!


  1. hmm... the car in the picture was made with a remote control car? The video at the site doesn't really show us much-- like how the tires absorb paint and and how he gets the short lines. In fact, the video only shows how the car gets stuck on the canvas, almost proving it to not work. I'm glad you posted it because it is a neat idea, but I'm skeptical. Maypbe I missed something. Am I alone?

  2. brandt is not alone. how does he end up with so much paint on him? when hes using a remote controlled car? how come he can make such clean lines and detail around the headlights, and have smooth lines around the grill but the corners of the fenders are pretty rough and the tires barely resemble real tires when the fasade of the car is so accurate? i mean dont most remote control cars have a tire pattern and texture that mimike real tires?