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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

^^^^^ITS JESUS!!!!! ^^^^^

Many have seen them collossal peices of sand art... whether there mediocure sand castles or massive land mounments. This art form has boggled the minds or people all over the world but more particualry Tihland.

In Thiland this innovated art form even has its own 4 month festival, which features 80 works of art created by over 70 highly talented sculptors from countries around the world, such as the Netherlands, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Ireland, the United States and Thailand, covers an area of 12 rai (1.92 hectares or 4.74 acres). It just boggles my mind how they can manage to keep it all help together but even more so the people who make sand art are obviously very skilled and patient people, what really amazes me is their willingness to spend so much time and effort something that gets destroyed soon after. and how do they construct such gargantuen peice in such a little amout of time.......but all in all I LOVE IT

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