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Monday, February 8, 2010

2-D Design Pays Off

I asked Brandt one day after school about the next project we would be working on just to start thinking about it and he told me we would be working on logos. I have messed around quite a bit on Photoshop so I was pretty interested. Later in the day I told my sister, who's 28 years old, about the upcoming project and she said her boyfriend was actually looking for a new logo for his company. She said he wanted a simple logo with the company name that somewhat portrayed what their services were. I jumped at the opportunity to give the project a test run and decided to create a logo for him. This is what I came up with and I sent him the files Saturday night for his opinion. I just got a call from him saying how much he liked it and that he would like to use it for his company, AND that he would offer me $75 to send him a .png file for t-shirts and for his website. Definitely wasn't expecting to make money off of my art.


  1. Great job Joseph. So you're pro now huh? Good

  2. This is really cool Joseph. What colors are you going to add to it?

  3. Right now I'm working on adding maybe a cyan or turquoise color to it. I'll post an updated version on my blog for anyone interested.

  4. you should show them your updated version and they might pay you more.