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Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Show Called "Work of Art: The Next Great Artist"

This show recently aired on the Bravo channel. Basically, a competition for artists, whether they are sculptors, painters, or performance artists, where each week they are given a prompt and only have about 1 day to complete thier piece. At the end of the day, they display their work in an art gallery where they have a showing, including a panel of judges. After the gallery show, the artists are gathered by the judges and are critiqued on whether or not their art "worked". I'm guessing they are meaning to say how well their work communicates the prompt. I watched this show and really liked it, especially because I liked the majority of work done by the artists on the show and a lot of it inspired me. However, I began to notice how they judge the artists on their work and wondered if what the judges said really made sense. It might just be that I am inexperienced in the art world, but no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't really see how what the judges said for some critiques really made sense. Anyways, I liked the show. I found it to be entertaining. Below is a picture of all the contestants, host, mentor, and regular panel of judges.

Here's a link to some photos of their work:

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