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Thursday, September 16, 2010

As Seen Through These Eyes

As many of you may already know, I am interested in pursuing a career as an art therapist. As a result of this, I was researching art therapy a couple of weeks ago and somehow I ended up finding a documentary called As Seen Through These Eyes. Researched and directed by Hilary Helstein and narrated by Maya Angelou, this documentary is about Holocaust victims that were forced into concentration camps and ghettos and banned from art of any kind. They refused, using art as a therapeutic technique to deal with their hardships. One slogan for the movie (and a powerful one, I might add) is "They fought evil with the only weapons they had... charcoal, pencil stubs, scraps of paper and the memories they had etched in their minds." After I discovered it in my research I reported to Mr. Brandt and he ordered a copy of it. We will hopefully be watching it in class any day now.

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  1. Barring any problem with admin. approval, we will be watching it Tuesday. Thanks for the suggestion Abby.