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This blog was created to allow casual conversations about the artwork that you have created and the artists who have influenced you. This will be an excellent place for you to display your art images and share your reactions. We can also share information about upcoming art events.

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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Edmund Lewandowski

I walked past the newspaper lying on the floor the other day and this article caught my eye. It was an article in the Herald about an artist that Mr. Brandt taught us about last year. This lesson turned into an art project which also happened to be one of my most successful pieces last year. I thought it was very cool to see a whole article in the newspaper about a local yet popular artist. So thank you Mr. Brandt for teaching us about this artist :) Click on the title to see the article that was in the Herald.

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  1. You are welcome. Thank you for keeping your eyes open.