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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A New Movement In the Works

I found an article that was pretty interesting. It was talking about "participatory art", where masses of people have to get together and complete some sort of task. One project mentioned was organized by Paul Ramírez Jonas in New York City. We've all heard of influential people receiving keys to cities, right? Well, Jonas gave this opportunity to anyone who participated. The keys actually unlocked random places in the city, which I found to be extra cool. The article also mentions in the beginning how it would be possible for museums or other places that display artwork could possibly define, not to mention capture, this type of project. I also thought about flash mobs and wonder if that could also be termed a work of art, even if it was something silly like the yearly things ImprovEverywhere posts on their YouTube page such as their "No Pants Subway Ride" where people get on the subways of New York and take their pants off (Nudity is not shown or encouraged). It will be pretty awesome to see where this kind of movement will go in the future.
The title of this post is the link to the article.

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