Welcome Rock Hill area art students

This blog was created to allow casual conversations about the artwork that you have created and the artists who have influenced you. This will be an excellent place for you to display your art images and share your reactions. We can also share information about upcoming art events.

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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Welcome Art 3 2-D Students


Clicking the title link will take you to the .pdf file that instructs you how to create your very own blog.  You will need to accept my invitation to post to this page.  This post should be interesting information that everyone in the class will appreciate.

Your personal blog will have your work and your reactions to your work.  Check the blog rubric to see what all you need to have on your personal blogs, such as link lists to classmates' blogs, a theme at the top, links back to RHHS Blog, and link lists to 3 influential artists. 

Click on the right to visit the self-evaluation that lists what I'm expecting.

Visit some of the previous students' blogs for examples. 

Have FUN!

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