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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Layers; Music vs Art

So the other day in class Brant mentioned the layers that music have to create these experimental sounds, like Radiohead. Here I have the entire "Live from the basement" In studio session its an hour long and well they are very enthusiastic about their music. You can just tell how attached they are with the sound. So with that being said, it made me think about how music and art are connected. After having a conversation with some friends, who are musicians, we agree that the expression is show in both. As we may put our feelings and events down in an image, they do it with sound. Back to the concept of layers we may use paint as they use different instruments. The only problem I have is the possibility of switching over to music from art. I think it takes real dedication to master sound and art but, to have a talent and real connection with either is difficult. People are just better with words as others are better with visual expression. I think that Thom Yorke and I have something in common though, we both dance around close our eyes while in the element.


  1. Very cool of you to further process something that I also thought was interesting. I'm also curious how this applies to other types of creativity. Creativity is not just specific to traditional art and should be inherent in all disciplines, even math and science. I'm challenging myself to see how the concept of layering thoughts can be applied to these other subjects. Any thoughts?

  2. Layering thoughts in hope to increase knowledge? Yes, I mean we have been doing that every day since we were born. In a creative manner will pose a challenge though. Then again who is to consider what is creative, and what is not. Everything around us at one time took creativity.