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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Genius Artists with Disabilities

I've recently been studying about assistive technology for people with special needs.  My studies led me to a quadriplegic who takes an active role in the invention of assistive technology for artists.  As you know, I get side-tracked a lot.  This time I wound up at a page that listed many artists who have either overcome barriers or have excelled in the arts despite having disabilities.  I'm going to list several links below, starting with the page that lists these incredible artists.  This link will be followed by two artists who stood out to me.

Alonzo Clemons-- Called a "prodigious savant," he sculpts animals with incredibly realistic proportions with only a limited time looking the subjects. 

Steven Wiltshire-- Often called "The Human Camera," this autistic artist can draw entire cities by memory with scary precision. 

Both of these men deserve a unique post.  However, if I started, I wouldn't know where to end.  Please leave a comment on this post if you have a reaction.

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  1. This was fascinating, I already knew about Steven but Alonzo's story was new to me. Very interesting!!