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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I got to meet John Gidding and he showed us a "cheat" on how he draws the houses so well the second time he draws it

http://www.hgtv.com/curb-appeal-the-block/show/index.html so about a week ago i met HGTV's curb appeal star John Gidding. He did a "show" at the convention and it was about his design process. He is such a good artist and designer. He showed his "sketches" of the houses, although they looked more like finished drawings to me because they were so well done. He even showed his "cheat" to drawing.....He prints off a very light picture of the house and draws over it. He knows how to please a homeowner. He has only had one unhappy person out of all the houses he as done but in the end the homeowner loved it. I always loved the shows on hgtv and how they make the houses into art in its self. John Gidding and David Bromstad are my two favorites. I have met one...now i want to meet David Bromstad and i will be happy

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