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Monday, May 14, 2012

Photography job for carowinds anyone?

I work at Carowinds and we're looking for some people to work at the Photo Hut or Old Time Photos. More than likely you'll be working in the old time photos! We're looking for someone who can do things fast; including dressing people up, posing them and taking fast pictures.  You'll need to be able to sell things as well.  You don't need much experience.  If you are interested in this comment and I'll give you my manager's email! You'd work for Kaman's Art Shoppes NOT Carowinds! you would get a deal on a carowinds pass too.  You're pay would be $7.25 an hour plus 25% of what you sell :) ohh, did i mention that if we both stay all summer, we both get an extra 100$ at the end of the summer? :)

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