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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Taking 3D Art to the Streets

The idea of 3D pavement drawings came along in the mid 16th century, originating in Italy. Like the drawings above, made by Julian Beever, these are drawings used with chalk, and drawn on pavement to look realistic, or 3D. This technique is very common in parts of Europe and less common in India, although it is starting to make its way to the country of India. Even though Julian Beever is very popular for his pavement drawings, the thought was known to be created by a guy named Kurt Wenner. Aside from chalk, which is the art supply most used, these artists also use crayons or acrylic paint, depending on the surface. It is said by one of the artists that people may not be totally amazed by it just walking past it on the streets, but once people get closer, or get a view from the camera lens at a certain angle, the reaction is completely different. The view of the entire drawing changes.

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