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Monday, September 24, 2012

Take No Offense to Art

The girl in this photo is laying in a bathtub, full of water, and fully clothed. A bit harmful, right? Well it's art to the mother of the girl, and says it is completely unharmful. The mother told police/reporters her daughter is not being harmed and completely understands why it's being done, and doesn't mind. "She's been in theatre since she was 4 - she understands make-believe." The mother states. "If she wasn't competent at understanding those things, I wouldn't have asked her to be in the picture."

She never expected cops to knock on her door, and knew nothing she was doing was wrong. Many people claimed what she was doing was child abuse and wrong. But the cops soon understood there was nothing wrong in what was taking place. After hearing and looking over the photograph, a cop said ""Oh, that's art." The mother explains that there are much worse photographs on the internet, many that were actually harmful, or embarrassing, but that her's is not wrong in the least.

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