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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Surreal photographs by Andrea Galvani

Horses, balloons, bunnies and smoke.....

Photography by Andrea Galvani of a man standing in snow with upper half consumed by grey smoke.
Andrea Galvani, ‘The Intelligence of Evil #5′, 2007.

This picture is just one of the few strange ones on the website. I like this one the most not only because the body is just turning into smoke but because there is normal people in the background. Not seeing this what so ever. Oblivious to the fact he is there.

Photography by Andrea Galvani of black rabbits or bunnies against snow.
Andrea Galvani, ‘N-1 #6′, 2007.

This is another one from the collection. These pieces of art work are just vague, awkward... It is hard to describe but i like it.

Surreal photo by Andrea Galvani of black balloons in desert landscape.
Andrea Galvani, ‘Death of an image 12′, 2005.

This is the last one I am putting on this post however here is the link to the rest of them: Click HERE

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