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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Underwater Art Museum

Hurricanes destroy coral reefs in the waters that they blow through, and one of the many reefs destroyed by years of hurricane damage is off the coast of Cacun.  In order to help preserve the reefs and still keep the diving business booming a British artist sculpted random people in various poses using the hardest kind of concrete and placed all the sculptures underwater, creating an underwater museum.  The fascinating part about this museum is that the sculptures are constantly being changed by the sea life surrounding it.  Fish swimming by, lobsters crawling on the sculptures, and things growing on and shaping the sculptures have now become a part of the display.  Browsing photos of these sculptures, before and after, displays how art and nature collaborate. (Pictures found from "museum underwater sculptures mexico" Google search).

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  1. Very interesting. Thanks. I can only imagine what other civilizations might think of this if found long after we are gone.