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Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Aerosolgrafia (spray paint art) is a painting technique, that is known for its strong color contrasts and fairytale-like, fantasy settings. The technique was developed in Mexico during the late 1980's and has spread all over the world........

Janes Jenivkar, an artist from Slovenia, has been working with this technique since 1995.... His materials are: quick drying acrylic or synthetic spray paint, varnished cardboard, stretched canvas, Plexiglas, plastic, thin sheet, painting pad, paper, a sponge, and pedestals... because of the type of materials he uses the paintings dry very quickly so he has to work fast.... I think its really interesting how he does all these paintings and the fantasy landscapes its what i like most about them.

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  1. Areli,
    Awesome post! I'm sure street artists do these in most major cities, but this was real popular at Jackson Square in New Orleans. I'd find myself spending hours watching them use circular stencils to create fantasy planets. The expert street artists would light the aerosols on fire to make them dry fast. Of course, I don't recommend doing this without proper training-- it was cool to watch though.