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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Goya's Ghost


I'm a little late on this movie, but I still think it to be worthy of posting. Goya's Ghosts is a 2006 film that stars Natalie Portman, Randy Quaid, and Stellan Skarsgard as Francisco de Goya. The movie is a bit too graphic for a class audience, but it is a decent portrayal of the Spanish engraver and painter's life. The movie better accounts the ending of the Spanish Inquisitions and beginning of Napoleon's advancement into Spain. The film turns the revolutionary painter into more of a man on a mission to save a girl and, thus, misses some of his personal battles. Early in the movie, Portman is captured and forced by the church to confess to being someone she is not. There is one particular scene in which we are able to see how a traditional mezzotint (scratching highlights away from a copper plate that has a wax resist) is created. Conclusion: a good evening DVD watch.
Goya is mostly known for his engravings and paintings of the Spanish resistance of the French. He also worked for the Royal Family and was commissioned to paint the Royal Family. In the painting above, The 3rd of May, 1808, he uses light and the powerful X symbol to turn the resistor into a martyr.

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