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Friday, June 20, 2008

Key Concepts in Photography

See if you can match the best photography tip with the photos below:

  1. Observe “rules” of third: view your composition as a grid of three columns and three rows and put your subject matter on the intersections
  2. Frame the subject matter with other subject matter
  3. Decide which composition is best: landscape (horizontal) or portrait (vertical)
  4. Choose a different angle or vantage point, not always at eye-level.
  5. Crop out unnecessary space/ zoom in to the important subject matter
  6. If your camera is capable, get a macro view by getting extremely close to part of an object. This will make the background blurry to give a unique effect
  7. Put the sun behind you, unless you are experimenting with light
  8. Make sure your foreground and background don’t get mixed in with each other—i.e. accidentally having a tree “growing” out of the person’s head
  9. Make sure that you don't simply rely on the subject matter to make it a good photo. Note the difference between snapshot and photo.
  10. Since most photos are taken on road trips, roads themselves have become trite. Keep the road out of your landscape in most cases
  11. Use texture effectively
  12. Use patterns effectively
  13. Use lines effectively
  14. Use space effectively—if the subject is looking to the right, then the space on the right is valuable. At the same time, the space to the left of the subject matter is less valuable.
  15. Keep your horizon line horizontal and not tilted.
  16. Diagonal compositions are usually more interesting than horizontally layered ones

These are just a few of some of the major concepts in photography. There are many sites on the net that will give you more advise.

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