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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Michael Israel

This is a very neat artist named Michael Israel. I saw him as a guest host on Ellen one day, and I have been intrigued by his work ever since. He puts his canvas's on a spinning easel type thing, and is able to turn his canvas and pretty much just paints with a mass amount of energy and not much thought going into it before its done. Watching him paint is captivating and I find myself on youtube more often than I should watching him paint. This is a video of him creating one of his most famous pieces. The piece is titled Hero. Hope y'all find him as inspirational as I have.

1 comment:

  1. Kristina,
    He sure is energetic. Would you consider more of a 2-d artist or a performance artist? Just curious what others think. This kind of reminds me of an artist who comes to Winthrop every so often who does a complete, seemingly non-objective, painting by slinging paint onto the canvas. At the very end, he rotates the canvas vertically and surprises everyone to reveal a celebrity, such as Hendrix. I'll have to recall the artist's name.