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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Natalie Bork

I'm not quite sure why I'm posting this, but I know I want to.
Natalie Bork is a friend of mine who took an art ed course at Winthrop with me. She teaches art at Charlotte Country Day and produces a lot of personal work. Many of her works can be found in places in uptown Charlotte restaurants.
Perhaps the reasons why I'm posting this is to show off a friend and to do some publicizing for her. Guilty.
However, I really do think that this is a great example of how important it is to publicize yourself as an artist. She is an indicator of not the theoretical artist, but rather the realist artist. Of course, in order to publicize yourself you have to first have the art and then be able to write inteligently about it. At her homepage, she offers a great artist statement. Her works are large-- usually about 3' x 4'.
I'm not quite sure if she calls it a formal concentration or if it is just inherent commonalities in her work, but she definitely has a very strong theme regardless. Can you guess what it is by the images shown in the attached or the ones located at the title-link?

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