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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Welcome 2010-11 Summer AP's

2010-11 AP Summer Letter.doc (Click me)

Welcome new Advanced Placement Studio Art students!  The above link will take you to the handout that you received on Wednesday, May 26, after school.

Read it!

This letter gives the due dates for the five summer pieces.  Remember, that the art pieces need to be completed, photographed and posted by the given date.

Additionally, take 25 quality photographs.  When you take these, be able to specify which of the following you tried to illustrate:
  • Line
  • color
  • texture
  • shape
  • form
  • space
  • value
  • rhythm
  • balance
  • pattern
  • Proportion
  • emphasis
  • variety
  • unity/harmony
Important dates:

Tuesday May 20 AP Students meet to prepare for summer

Monday June 14 1st piece posted on Blogspot

Monday June 28 2nd piece posted on Blogspot

Monday July 12 3rd piece posted on Blogspot

Monday July 26 4th piece posted on Blogspot

Monday Aug. 9 5th piece posted on Blogspot

Wednesday August 18 Students return

Monday August 23 Critique after school of 5 pieces (full participation = 100 project grade); 25 photographs on a C.D. or printed (project grade)

Important links:
AP Course Description.pdf
AP Course Website

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